Get Noticed
A “How-To” Guide to Spectacular Advertising
Good Company
Wisdom From the Ranks of Entrepreneurs

Are you tired of throwing money at an ad and hoping it gets read? Sick of shelling out to a pricey Graphic Designer for polished and pretty marketing materials, not knowing if it’s conveying the right image for your business?

If you seriously want real insights and powerful tried, tested and true tools that you can use to raise the calibre of (and to make more money with) your Advertising and Marketing materials...READ ON!

I’ve been getting emails, letters, phone calls and personal requests asking me to put together a “Cheat Sheet” for getting noticed, getting read and the “How-To’s” of developing a visual identity that is powerful and effective.

At last—I’m going to give you all the gems that you can use in developing your marketing and advertising efforts for your own small business, products or ideas.

“Eye opening and filled with genuine, inspiring stories of challenges overcame, and successes that sprung from the many accumulated experiences of these intrepid individuals.”
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